TANNAY, SWITZERLAND.- This year, AHLA joined the Swiss Better Gold Association (SBG), a non-profit foundation that seeks to bring together the different agents of the gold mining value chain, in formalizing and supporting the small and artisanal mining (ASGM, Artisanal and Small Gold Miners), facilitating the creation of responsible and sustainable value chains. Small and artisanal mining represents about 20% of the mining dedicated to gold extraction worldwide, which is why ensuring responsible practices is crucial for safe and sustainable social development.

The Swiss Better Gold Association takes the following approach:

  • Acceptance only metal from accredited responsible ASGM sources
  • Achieving shorter supply chains and facilitating direct exports for ASM gold producers
  • Mobilize stakeholders throughout the supply chain to establish and improve its efficiency
  • Promote environmental and social improvements at the local level through the Better Gold Fund (BGF)
  • Identify member-funded projects that enable faster ASGM improvement

Continuous improvement is a core principle of Swiss Better Gold and is fundamental to its success. Participating artisanal and small-scale gold mining operations are encouraged to continually improve their practices and, step by step, demonstrate compliance with the Swiss Better Gold sourcing criteria. This progressive approach is known as the Swiss Better Gold escalator of continuous improvement.

AHLA, like SBG, is characterized by its vision focused on responsible and sustainable practices in mining, for which we are proud to collaborate in this foundation and be part of a network that watches over responsible mining.

For more information, visit https://www.swissbettergoldassociation.ch/



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