Our values


In Argor Heraeus Latin America, we ensure sustainability from the extraction to the end consumers of the precious metals value chain, having a social, economical and enviromental commitment.


Using state-of-art hi technology, we are able to keep traceability of all material processed in our plant. For this purpose, we use a high level process design and biotechnology, so we can assure the total control of materials being processed, knowing its origin to its final destination. 


Through our regulatory compliance platform, we ensure that our associates are not involved in illicit financial activity, money laundering, or the use of children in production, maintaining a high-standard business ecosystem.

About us

We are Argor-Heraeus Latin America, a chemical, precious metals, state-of-the-art technology and R&D company, of Chilean-Swiss origin, partners of Argor-Heraeus SA of the Heraeus group, one of the largest and most respected companies in Europe and the world when it comes to precious metals and state-of-the-art production.

Through our relationship with our offices in Switzerland, we are concerned with the sustainable, traceable and safe management of precious metals from all over the Americas, for their worldwide distribution in the banking, jewelery and cutting-edge technology markets. We are the link that connects the mining world of all America with the demands of various markets worldwide.

Our clients are mining companies around the world, who have a direct relationship with our offices in Santiago de Chile, who trust our sustainable mining management from fresh mining extraction to the marketing of precious metals in the most prestigious companies in Europe and the world.

Learn about our relationship with the environment and our culture of innovation

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Our services


Metal grade analysis

Our analysis and sampling laboratory is accredited under the ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 standards, with all the necessary tests to analyze metal grades, including fire test analysis and ICP analysis.

All activities at AHLA are carried out maintaining a high standard of impartiality and confidentiality, in order to comply with NCh ISO 17020 and NCh ISO 17025.


Mining material management

We have logistics and compliance services for precious metals, in order to ensure that the metal extracted from the mines becomes a 100% sustainable and marketable product, under international standards such as LBMA and ASTM, with full traceability of the process, making it reach final consumers satisfactorily.


Precious Metals Commercialization

Gold bars, silver grain, platinum and palladium. The Precious Metals you are looking for, in the presentation you need.

Design and development of innovative solutions

R&D Projects

Thanks to our collaboration with the Heraeus group and universities, we are able to develop multiple Research and Development projects to generate national innovation. If you have a project that we can generate together, do not hesitate to contact us!

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