SANTIAGO, CHILE.- The gold market is a highly sensitive business, mainly because it is misused by criminals to launder money with gold that is external to mining production and therefore use untraceable gold. This material may come from unsustainable or unsafe mines, which involve, for example, the use of mercury in the extraction, putting the ecosystem and process workers at risk.

To this end, Argor-Heraeus Latin America has begun to work closely with Haelixa, an organic product based on DNA strands that allow an “invisible barcode” to be given to the material from the moment it leaves the mine until it is finally received by consumers. endings. This product, unlike other physical systems, as it is invisible and can only be codified by us, represents a considerable advantage in our traceability that can ensure the origin of the material that is processed in our facilities.

This solution allows the material that is processed by our company to be marked and traced throughout the value chain. By using this product and applying our high standards of regulatory compliance, we can ensure that our mining clients comply with national and international standards of traceability in the extraction of precious metals.

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