AHLA Foundation

AHLA Foundation is a Latin American non-profit organization whose main objectives are:

  1. The development and implementation of programs, projects and plans in order to promote the development of small-scale mining and formalization of artisanal miners in Latin America;
  2. To develop and implement formalization programs of small miners and artisanal miners in order that all processes would comply with applicable laws and the highest social and environmental standards along with the respective governmental authorities of each country, interested institutions and stakeholders (NGOs, communities, etc.) pursuing the same objectives;
  3. To encourage and build capacity of small miners and artisanal miners through innovative models that include new technologies, processes and quality and a technical, environmental and responsible financial management; and
  4. To promote responsible exploitation of mineral resources, the efficient use of science and technology and the effective social participation.

To achieve these objectives, we work with small-scale miners and their associations, governments and local authorities in each region and country in Latin America with the support of international organizations to promote mercury-free technologies for small-scale and artisanal mining, among other activities.

Our interest is to promote the proper use of precious metals, promote local high quality goldsmith and ensure that the material used comes from environmentally friendly operations, safe for their employees and in compliance with current regulations in each country and internationally.